Amarnath Temple

The Amarnath Temple is nearly 20 km from Akshardham situated on a hill. (Note:- It comes in the midway while going to “Mahudi” (Jain Pilgrimage Temple). “Mahudi” is nearly 50 kms from Akshardham.) This temple is said to be built more than 20 years ago and have a replica of famous “Ice Shivling” the one in “Amarnath Temple” in the northern part of India (Jammu & Kashmir State). Apart from the “Ice Shivling” it also has the replicas for 12 “Jyothirling”. This temple is situated on a hill and one shall be required to step 100 staircases. Each staircases is small in size and would make it ease to step them. It may took around 20 mins to step them. The “Ice Shivling” is blessed and is maintained in the hot summer using a means of technology. It is a very nice place to visit and have a good small market near it. Lot of people visit this place and are blessed. Nice place to visit.


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