Moderation Guidelines

Moderation Guidelines
Gandhinagar Portal aims to encourage vibrant discussions amongst Gandhinagarians(people related/linked to Gandhinagar), of all backgrounds and beliefs, about the important issues affecting our communities. It is to be expected that individual users of this site will sometimes disagree with one another. We just ask that everybody keeps the conversation constructive and civilised. And of course, we require you to obey the laws of INDIA.

Gandhinagar Portal monitors all posts and reserves the right to remove any comment which breeches any of our Moderation Guidelines as expressed in a nutshell directly below, and in full below that.

All it really boils down to is good manners and a bit of common sense!

If you wish to alert Gandhinagar Portal site administration to a comment you believe breeches our Moderation Guidelines please follow the “report as offensive” link which appears under all comments. This will bring it to our attention for review.

Gandhinagar Portal reserves the right to our final decision whether to remove or allow any material on this website.

If you have any questions about our guidelines, contact [email protected]

Gandhinagar Portal’s Moderation Guidelines in a Nutshell

We encourage your comments and welcome constructive and civilised debates. We ask that all users adhere to the spirit of respectful dialogue.  Gandhinagar Portal monitors all posts and reserves the right to remove any comment which breeches our moderation guidelines. Please don’t post a comment which is threatening, discriminatory, slanderous, libelous, spam, advertising, uses offensive language or is wildly irrelevant.

Gandhinagar Portal’s Moderation Guidelines in Full

Statements which are threatening or abusive will not be tolerated.

Discriminatory remarks are unacceptable; this includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or homophobia.

Slander & Libel
Don’t make false or malicious claims about other people or organizations.

All comments are filtered through spam filtering technology. The technology isn’t perfect, so a human being makes a final decision on the appropriateness of all contributions.

Gandhinagar Portal is an independent, not-for-profit discussion platform for the community. Talking about your business or industry is fine, hawking your goods and services is NOT.

Offensive Language
Please don’t swear.  We really don’t want to have to remove any comments with valuable ideas because of foul language. Different people have different opinions about what constitutes offensive language and  Gandhinagar Portal will review offensiveness based on severity and context in each particular instance.

While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we’d like to avoid derailed threads. Please don’t engage in “trolling” (trying to cause trouble in an online forum just for the sake of it).

Pseudonyms are fine, but don’t impersonate another person or use an alias to agree with yourself.

In addition to being mindful of your own, please always consider and respect other people’s privacy.

Web Links
You are welcome to include links to material on other websites that are relevant to your comment.  Gandhinagar Portal administrators check these links and reserve the right to remove any which lead to material reasonably considered offensive in line with these moderation guidelines.

Illegal Activity
Do not use this website to conduct any illegal activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity.

Intellectual Property
Do not publish another person’s intellectual property without their written and express consent. The intellectual property of all material published on this website remains with the author. Any material published on this website may be reproduced only with the following acknowledgment:

“Originally authored by (insert name of author) and published on  Gandhinagar Portal (embed hyperlink to https://gnrportal.cdn-in.com) here (embed hyperlink to corresponding page of  Gandhinagar Portal) on (insert date published on  Gandhinagar Portal)”.

Do not attempt to upload the coding for any device designed to effect the functionality or operation of this site or its servers or the functionality or operation of any users’ computer systems (for example, by transmitting a computer virus or other harmful component, whether knowingly or not).

Organizations must not post comments on behalf of their individual members. Comments must be submitted by individually registered users.  Gandhinagar Portal is designed to allow individuals to express their unique points of view.  Gandhinagar Portal asks that organizations do not petition their members to automatically submit pre-prepared identical responses, such as the words of a petition, as excessive repetition impedes the conversational flow of a forum.

Gandhinagar Portal‘s normal practice is to allow user’s comments to be published automatically in real time.  Occasionally we may host particular forums in which comments are pre-moderated. On these occasions it will be clearly identified on the affected pages and you will be notified that pre-moderation has been enabled when posting a comment.

In the event  Gandhinagar Portal does remove a comment due to a breach of our Moderation Guidelines the author will be notified by email. If this happens to you, please feel free to post a new comment that expresses your point of view whilst keeping our Moderation Guidelines in mind. Serious and repeat offenders will have their user registration blocked.

If you have any questions about our guidelines, contact [email protected]