About Us

Web portal www.gandhinagarportal.com is a unique initiative by Betanet Consultancy Private Limited to represent the city of Gandhinagar on the internet, with all its information available starting from its existence, facts and features etc. The portal is developed in such a way that it covers all information starting up from Essential/Emergency services, Govt. Office/Organizations, Educational Institutions, Business Establishments (Real Estate, Industries, Business Houses etc.), Local Market information, Tourism & Entertainment etc.

Vibrant Gujarat” has opened door towards development of Gandhinagar city, this has raised the demand for products and services from Real Estate, IT Industries, Commercial establishments etc. Major Real Estate developers, Business Establishments, Industries etc. have seized the opportunity to be a part of the growth.

www.gandhinagarportal.com aims to represent Gandhinagar City on the internet with all its information, promoting involvement of citizens through articles, comments and sharing information, integrating it as a media tool to cover all the events, also providing space to Business units to advertise their products, in all summing up our motto of making it a “Circle of Information”.

For detailed information please contact us on [email protected].