Mission #1 – Support the KONY 2012 Pledge

Cover the Night is this Friday, April 20th, but we’re building up to it with a week of global advocacy. We’re rolling out new missions every day that will support the international effort to bring an end to LRA violence.

You have already signed the KONY 2012 pledge but we need to show our leaders that there is enduring, widespread support for this effort.

Your mission for today is simple, but important:
Share the pledge with your friends

This June, the UN will meet to discuss their strategy to end LRA violence, and we’ll be there to deliver your signatures.




Specifically, we are calling on world leaders to do the following:

  • Expand communications networks and other programs that help warn communities of LRA threats and provide opportunities for LRA abductees to escape and return safely to their families.
  • Provide the African Union effort with the logistical support needed to arrest Joseph Kony and his top commanders and protect civilians.
  • Engage directly with regional governments to ensure that Kony and his LRA forces cannot exploit remote areas or political discord to find safe haven anywhere in the region.

Sign the pledge HERE.  Share it HERE Get ready for tomorrow’s mission. Over and out.