google science fair 2013 indian finalist shrishti asthana
Google Science Fair 2013 Indian Finalist - Shrishti Asthana

Google Science Fair 2013 : INDIA

Solar Light Assisted nanoZnO Photo Catalytic Mineralization- The Green Technique for the Degradation of Detergents


Finalist of Google Science Fair 2013.


Description About the Project done by Shrishti Asthana

Wastewater containing detergent from industrial and domestic source creates huge pollution in our cities. To treat this waste containing  detergents is quite difficult since detergents are quite rugged and resistant to degrade. I wish to find out a potential Green method to treat this polluted waste.

Nano ZnO assisted photo catalytic degradation using solar light  is emerging as new green option for the treatment of contaminated water.

The advantages of my method are summarized as follows: fast reaction, short treatment time, less costs, less exposure for workers, complete reduction pathway to non-toxic end products is possible and less equipment.

Preliminary studies have shown that the proposed method is quite effective in remediating the waste water. After lab synthesis of nanoZnO characterization has been  done using various methods such as XRD (X-Ray Diffraction).

I propose to design a batch reaction system demonstrating that the representative detergent Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride can be effectively degraded by using nanoZnO. Mineralization of the detergents would be confirmed using UV spectrum and COD determination.


Google Science Fair 2013 Indian Finalist - Shrishti Asthana
Google Science Fair 2013 Indian Finalist – Shrishti Asthana

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