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Happy Birthday to Shri Narendra Modi

Happy Birthday to Shri Narendra Modi

It’s Shri Narendra Modi’s birthday on 17th September and on this special occasion, you can send in your good wishes to him directly through this platform. Write your wishes with hashtag #NamoBirthday as comments below by logging in directly or through Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can also SMS your wishes to toll-free number 9227411117.

For Shri, Narendra Modi, people’s blessings and wishes mean a lot. These wishes of yours will be sent to Shri Narendra Modi with your names. So keep them coming!

Do not forget to add the hashtag #NamoBirthday in your wishes, particularly on social media.

Gandhinagar Portal wishes Happy Birthday to our C.M Shri Narendra Modi. Do send your wishes to Shri Narendra Modi on the given below link.



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Shri Modi’s speech during the event.

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Happy Birthday to Shri Narendra Modi

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