Industries and Mines Department


Industries and Mines Department of Gujarat

The Department plays a key role in effective and economic Industrial Development. It initiates possibilities to develop fast growth in small medium and Large-scale Industries. It implements policies and schemes under Major Heads of the Department and District Industrial Commissionerate (DIC). Various associated Boards and Corporations and Institutions work in unison to achieve the desired Results and Goals of the Industries and Mines Department. Trade and commerce, Industrial Cooperative and Cottage Industries, promotion of Fairs‚ exhibition etc. related Activities are conducted by the Department.
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Minister of Industrial and Mines Department of Gujarat
Shri Vijaykumar Ramniklal Rupani

The Principal Secretary (Industries & Mines)
Industries & Mines Department
Government of Gujarat
Block No. 5, 3rd Floor,
New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
Ph. : 079-23250703, 50701
Contact List:- Departmental

Departmental Contacts

Industries & Mines Department
Government of Gujarat
Block No. 5, 3rd Floor,
New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
Ph. : 079-23250703, 50701
Email : [email protected],



Employee Name Designation Branch Subject Phone No. Email Address
Mr. M K Das, IAS Principal Secretary All Branches Industries 23250703, 23250701 [email protected]
Mr. A K Rakesh, IAS Principal Secretary D2 Branch, KH Branch, KH1 Branch Cottage 23257388, 23257389 [email protected]
Mr. S J Haider, IAS Principal Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism, Devsthanam 23250708, 23251862 [email protected]
Dinesh Parmar Dy.
D Branch, IT Cell, Cash, Registry, Appeal Branch, J Branch,  B Branch Establishment, Store, IT, Registry, Appeal, Co Ordination, Budget 23250713, 23250714 [email protected]
[email protected]
Kiran Oza Dy.
B Branch Budget 23250721 [email protected]
Ajay K Patel Dy. Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch, Appeal Branch Tourism & Yatradham, Civil Aviation, Appeal Branch 23254511, 23257802 [email protected]
M M Dabhi
Dy. Secretary KH Branch, KH1 Branch, D2 Branch DGPS, iNDEXTc, Cottage, 23254771 [email protected]
B S Mehta Dy. Secretary G Branch, I Branch, P Branch, BIFR, GIDC, Indext B, Industrial Policy, Textiles 23250732 [email protected]
D G Chaudhary Dy. Secretary Chh Branch, Chh1 Branch, D1 Branch, D3 Branch Mines, Services (IC), Services (CGM) 23250715, 23250716 [email protected]
Anand Bihola Dy. Secretary I1 Branch, CH Branch, Industries, MSMEs, Salt, Textile, Small industry [email protected]
Miss Leena Katdare Officer on Special Duty P Branch BIFR 23250885 [email protected]
M S Shah Under Secretary G Branch, I Branch, P Branch Incentive, GIDC, Indext b, Industry Policy, GSFC, GIIC, Coordination, MSMEs 23250730 [email protected]
Ankita Sanghada Under Secretary D Branch, Registry, IT Cell Establishment, IT Cell, Registry 23250754 [email protected]
B K Bhoi Under Secretary B Branch Budget 23250726 [email protected]
C B Makhodia Under Secretary Ch Branch, I1 Branch, Cash Branch Textile, Small Industries, Cash 23254768 [email protected]
A I Shah Under Secretary J Branch Coordination 23255544 [email protected]
Jigar G Patel Under Secretary D1 Branch, D3 Branch IC Establishment, CGM Establishment 23250727 [email protected]
N J Vaghela Under Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism 23250754 [email protected]
D D Halpati
(In Charge)
Under Secretary I1 Branch Industry [email protected]
M M Dabhi Under Secretary Khh Branch, Khh1 Branch, D2 Branch Cottage, DGPS 23250727 [email protected]
P D Mehta Under Secretary Chh Branch, Chh1 Branch, Appeal Branch Mines, Appeal 23257805 [email protected]
I S Shaikh Section Officer Appeal Branch Appeal 23255863 [email protected]
M D Parmar Section Officer KH1 Branch Khadi 23254775 [email protected]
Ajit Mavani Section Officer Y Branch Yatradham 23250083 [email protected]
J B Dave Section Officer J Branch Co ordination 23250744 [email protected]
K V Makvana Section Officer D1 Branch Establishment (IC), Roster, Co-Ordination(Establishment) 23250740 [email protected]
K N Vasava (In Charge) Section Officer CHH Branch Mining 23250737 [email protected]
G R Raval Section Officer P Branch GSFC,GIIC 23250748 [email protected]
G R Raval
(In Charge)
Section Officer I Branch Incentive 23250743 [email protected]
K V Makvana
(In Charge)
Section Officer I1 Branch Industrial 23250743 [email protected]
M M Palondra Section Officer D2 Branch CCI, Establishment (DGPS) 23250741 [email protected]
K N Vasava Section Officer CHH1 Branch Mining 23250725 [email protected]
L K Vaghela Section Officer CH Branch Small, Textiles 23250736 [email protected]
M A Patel Section Officer KH Branch GRIMCO 23250745 [email protected]
N N Chavda Section Officer B Branch Budget, Planning 23250735 [email protected]
B V Dantani Section Officer G Branch GIDC 23250742 [email protected]
R M Someshwara
(In Charge)
Section Officer S Tourism Tourism 23254769 [email protected]
R P Rana Section Officer D Branch Mehkam,HBA,MCA etc 23250739 [email protected]
K V Makvana
(In Charge)
Section Officer D3 Branch Establishment Of CGM 23250734 [email protected]
Nicholas Evans Joint CIO Comp.Cell IT 23251145 [email protected]
Shabbir Malvi IT Executive Comp.Cell IT 23251145 [email protected];
[email protected]

Swarnim Sankul-1,Minister’s Contacts

Swarnim Sankul-2,

New Sachivalaya,
Gandhinagar-382 010

Gujarat, INDIA
Phone       : +91-79232 50271-72,73,75
Fax           :+91-79-232 50274, 232- 51962
E-mail       : [email protected]

Contact List:- Boards and Corporations

Board / Corporation Name Chairman Managing Director
Gujarat Industrial Dev. Corporation – GIDC
Address: Block -4, 2nd floor, Udyog Bhavan, Sector-11, Gh Road, Gandhinagar.
Phone: 23221247 (MD), 23225811-14, 23225810, 23225810, 23225805, 23225816
Fax: 23225815
Shri M K Das, (IAS) Smt. D Thara, (IAS)
Gujarat State Handloom & Handicraft Dev. Corporation Ltd.
Address: Udyog Bhavan Sector-11, Block no. 17, 3rd Floor, Gandhinagar.
Phone: 23225909 (MD), 23220439, 23223007
Fax No: 23229376
Smt. A K Rakesh, (IAS)
Gujarat Ind. Investment Corporation. – GIIC
Corporate Office:
Address: Udyog Bhavan, Block No. 11 & 12, Sector 11, Gandhinagar – 382017
Phone: 23249641- 44 Fax: 23236230
Phone: 23237717(C), 23237712(MD), 23237720(GM-Recovery & Rehabilitation), 23237717(GM -Finance), 23237719 (GM-Projects).
Shri M K Das


Smt Mamta Verma,(IAS)
Gujarat Khadi Gramodyog Board
Gramnirman Bhavan,Juna Vadaj, Ahmedabad-380013
Ph No: 27556343
Fax No : 27557444
Smt. A K Rakesh, (IAS)
Gujarat State Financial Corporation
Address: Udhyog Bhavan, Block No.10,3rd floor, Gandhinagar.
Phone: 23256773-74 Fax: 23229376
Shri M K Das, (IAS) Smt Mamta Verma,(IAS)
Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board. – GIDB
BlockNo :18, 8th Floor,
Udhyog Bhavan,Sector : 11, Gandhinagar – 382017
Ph No:23232701-704
Fax No : 23222481
Mr. Ashwini Kumar, (IAS)
Gujarat State Mineral Dev. Corporation – GMDC
Address:Khanij Bhavan, Near Manav Mandir, 132′ Ring Road, Vastrapur Ahmedabad-52.
Phone: 7913501, 7913200 Fax : 7913038
Shri M K Das, (IAS) Shri Arunkumar Solanki, (IAS)
Gujarat State Rural Industries Marketing Corporation Ltd. (GRIMCO)
Address: Sector-17, Udyog Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
Phone: 3227068 (MD), 23227243, 23227065, 23223763
Fax: 23227244
Shri S J Haider, (IAS) Shri Y P Joshi,


Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited.
Udhyog Bhavan Sector-16, Gandhinagar
Phone : 23222523, 23222029, 23220068 (C), 23222645, 23222026 (MD), 23235246(AO)
Fax : 23225447, 23222189
Shri Kamlesh Patel Mr. Jenu Devan (IAS)
Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board.
Block No. 6, 2nd Floor,
Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan,
Sector-10, Gandhinagar – 382010.
Phone : 23252459, 23252564 (C), 23252467, 23252468 (S), 23252465 (A.O.), 23252466 (A.O.) Fax : 23252458
Website :
Mahendra Trivedi, MLA Shri. Kirit Adhavaryu

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