“It is well known that a doctor treats the diseases but few people know that a Chartered Accountant looks after the health of the society”: Shri Modi

On the evening of 29th June 2013, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the National Convention of Chartered Accountant Students in Ahmedabad.

He began his address by emphasizing the importance of the profession of a Chartered Accountant and stated , “It is well known that a doctor treats the diseases but few people know that a CA looks after the health of the society”. Additionally he upheld the fact that the issue of black money in the country can be effectively resolved by a Chartered Accountant.  He said, “Black Money is not merely only about currency but rather the outcome of a black mind”

Shri Modi speaks at the National Convention of CA Students, Ahmedabad ANI

Shri Modi reminded the young students that the responsibility of a CA is not only  to count numbers but it is to take care of the country’s economy.  He said, “You will be responsible for extraordinary work, the common man’s financial decisions depend on your audit reports”. Furthermore, he added that one mistake in the audit conducted by a Chartered Accountant directly has an impact on the poor first and later on the concerned company. He draws attention to the aspect that it is the signature of a Chartered Account which provides financial security to an investor.

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Shri Modi spelled out that the life of a youth must always be driven by a mission. He elaborated,  “Do not dream to become someone but dream of doing something!”  He also said , “When you are going in the right direction, your goal automatically comes near you”

Taking a dig at sections of the mainstream media, Shri Modi stated, “I never thought that my silence would also become news and silence sells! ” He also condemned the source of financing for five-star activist NGOs and sought for effective audits to keep a check on their credibility and make them more accountable.

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Highlighting the soundness of Gujarat’s public expenditure, Shri Modi said, “Before me there was an expense of 55,000 crore in 9 five year plans. In the 10th plan after I came, it was 1,75,000 crore.  We have not levied any additional taxes, we have merely stopped the leakages”.  He added that in contrast to Gujarat where nearly 35% of the expenditure is of the non- developmental kind, the Central Government’s expenditure towards non-developmental activities is approximately 70%.

Shri Modi appealed the youngsters to connect to him on social media and invited student to share their views through the Citizen Journalism section of his website.

The function concluded as Shri Modi unveiled a publication of the board of studies of ICAI.

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“It is well known that a doctor treats the diseases but few people know that a Chartered Accountant looks after the health of the society”: Shri Modi