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Legal Department of Gujarat

The establishment of courts‚ appointment of judges in subordinate courts‚ appointment of Law Officers in all courts including High Court and Supreme Court‚ appointment of Notaries in the State, the administration of Charity Commissioner office‚ WAKF Board‚ Court fees office‚ Government Pleaders Offices all over the State and State Legal Services Authority are some of the major and important functions carried out by the Legal Department. The Legal Department also monitors the entire legal proceedings pending in all courts and tribunals and render opinions sought by the Administrative Departments of the State – pre-litigation or post-litigation stages. It initiates Legal Education, Aid, Reforms‚ E-governance, Establishment of courts‚ etc with a goal to provide speedy‚ fair and less-expensive justice to the people in the State with all infrastructural facilities and harnessing the Information Technology.
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Minister of Legal Department of Gujarat
Shri Bhupendrasinh Manubha Chudasama

Secretary  & RLA
Office Address:  Block 4/2, Legal Department, Sardar Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
Office Contact:  23250901/02/03/04
Residence Address: Block No. K-511, Sector -20, Gandhinagar, PinCode  –  382020
Residence Contact: 23260040, Mo. – 9978406126

Contact Information Of Legal Department

Sr No. Name Designation Subject Phone No. Residence
1 Shri B.S.Upadhyay Joint Secretary A Branch, B branch 079-232-50919 2717297578
MO 9924335892
2 Shri M.G.Dave Joint Secretary E Branch , H Branch,,A Branch 079-232-50925 22122020
3 Shri C.H.Shah Joint Secretary B Branch, C Branch, A Branch 079-232-50914
4 Shri J.G.Vadodariya Deputy Secretary J Branch, G-1 Branch 079-232-50917 23260604
5 Shri  H.R.Shah Deputy Secretary L Branch , A Branch, B Branch 079-232-50924 27912204
6 Shri H.H.Varma Deputy Secretary D Branch, D-1 Branch 079-232-50916 9979953498
7 Shri J.L.Vala Deputy Secretary H-1 Branch, I.T. Branch 079-232-50908 23244941
8 Shri U.A.Patel Deputy Secretary F Branch, F-1 Branch 079-232-50918 23264061
9 Shri N.H..Gadhavi Deputy Secretary G Branch, Cash Branch 079-232-50907 9978406952
10 Shri N.D.Shah Deputy Secretary N Branch, K Branch 079-232-50915 23244583
11 Shri M.D.Mogal Deputy Secretary C Branch 079-232-50920 33135
12 Shri D.M.Bhabhor Deputy Secretary H Branch 079-232-50942 9824996856
13 Shri C.K.Pipaliya Under Secretary D Branch, D-1 Branch, Monitoring 079-232-50922 9737475604
14 Shri J.N.Dhruv Under Secretary F Branch, F-1Branch 079-232-54703 9825398338
15 Shri D.B.Nimavat Under Secretary G-1 Branch, H-1 Branch, I Branch 079-232-55985 9824210713
16 Shri K.A.Jadeja Under Secretary G Branch 079-232-50906 9824242214
17 Shri B.C.Panchal Under Secretary L Branch, E Branch 079-232-55967

Contact Information of Law Officers:

Sr No Name Designation Subject Branch Phone No.
1 Smt. S.M.Chaudhari Section Officer-A Tribunal Matters (charge), opinion, Notary A 079-232-50926
2 Ku.L.B.Nayak Section Officer-B Criminal Litigation B 079-232-50928
3 Shri K.R. joshi Section Officer-C Litigation in Subordinate Courts C 079-232-50930
4 Shri B.A.Modi Section Officer-D Court establishment D 079-232-50931
5 Shri B.S.Makwana Section Officer- D-Cell 079-232-50948
D-1 Monitoring cell
6 Shri N.A.Bariya Section Officer-E Establishment of Guj.National Law University, Wakf Board, charity commissioner E 079-232-50932
7 Shri J.M.Dave Section Officer-F Local establishment F 079-232-50933
8 Shri J.M.Dave Section Officer-F-1 Legal side establishment , F-1 079-232-55983
(In charge)
9 Shri M.B.Maniyar Section Officer-G Budget, G 079-232-55982
10 Shri J.S.Yadav Section Officer-G-1 Court Building G-1 079-232-50934
11 Shri K.R.Joshi Section Officer-H Government Pleader establishment. H 079-232-50935
n Charge)
12 Shri H.S.Amin Section Officer- APP establishment H-1 079-232-50912
H-1  Branch
13 Shri N.P.Gosai Section Officer-I Co-ordination, I 079-232-50936
14 Shri R.P.Bhoi Section Officer-J Instruction to file S.L.P. in supreme court, S.C.A. against the state L.A. Cases J 079-232-50940
15 Smt.S.M.Chaudhari Section Officer-K S.C.A. against the state Tribunal matters, Criminal litigation K 079-232-50937
16 Shri  D.K.Jadav Section Officer-L Land Acquisition matters. Tribunal Matters, L 079-232-50938
17 Shri A.P.Dabhi Librarian cum Reference  Officer Library Library 079-232-50948
18 Shri M.U.Modan Section Officer- Monitoring Monitoring Cell 079-232-50923
Monitoring Cell Branch
19 Shri D.K.Jadav Section Officer-N Fees bills N 079-232-55896
20 Shri P.R.Patel Cash in charge Cash section cash 079-232-50941
21 Shri P.C.Darji Ragistry in charge Ragistry Ragistry 079-232-50900


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