Gandhinagar being a capital district of the state, role of police becomes very important as having responsibility of maintaining Law & Order in the district and providing security cover to VVIPs and vital locations having security concerned. But it is our pleasure that Gandhinagar Police has been successful in providing fear free Law & Order cover to the citizens.  Big increase in population and residential and industrial area in Gandhinagar district in recent years, it becomes challenge with the same police force. Still I believe we need to focus on the road accidents particularly in Gandhinagar city. We have strengthened the traffic unit by involving traffic brigade and also with interceptor vehicle to check over speeding, campaigning in school-colleges by traffic education seminars, video shows, distributing literature for increasing traffic sense. Ant-terrorism awareness programme has also been initiated by the Special Operation Group of Gandhinagar district police Mostly it is observed that accidents occur by over speeding and wrong driving by youth without license. I would like to appeal to the parents of the children: do not entertain your children by giving them vehicles without license. It is danger not only for others but for your beloved young ones.   Recognizing the role of police and need for greater sensitivity in handling matters concerning children, Gandhinagar Police has launched this initiative in an endeavour to build a cadre of child-friendly police and child-friendly police stations across the city. The Gandhinagar district police has also started a unique experiment in rehabilitation of criminal to join the common stream of the society.


On the eve of 2nd August-birthday of Gandhinagar City, I convey my good wishes for happy, healthy and peaceful life of all the citizens of the city and let us not celebrate for a day but for all the days by maintaining good traffic discipline and good civil sense.

                                                          -Archana Shivhare, S.P. Gandhinagar