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Education for Girls.

Photography for Kindness – Finalists :- Yuva Unstoppable

Photography for Kindness –  Yuva Unstoppable :  Finalists


Photography for Kindness – Finalist # 1

Trance of faith
Trance of faith


Photo Artist Name: Shahnawaz Siddiqui
Title of the Photo: Trance of faith
Place of the Photo: Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedaba

Photo Story: Children are lost in prayer as they begin their ‘Saturday Special’, a two hour activity of learning through fun. The program is organized by the non-profit organization Manav Sadhna, which runs inside the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram. Approximately over 100 hundred children from the surrounding slum areas gather here every Saturday and learn through games and activities. The children come from underprivileged families, where due to circumstances they are forced to abandon their education. Manav Sadhna aims to educate these children so that they may live happy and fulfilled lives.


Photography for Kindness – Finalists # 2



Photo Artist Name: Vrutant Trivedi
Title of the Photo: Abhirang
Place of the Photo: Dharampur Village, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat

Photo Story: The Pic attached was taken during a social cause by members of “ABHIRANG” (Age Grp-18 to 40 years doing all social work under principles of SHRI RANG AVADHUT MAHARAJ) and i being an active socialist of the group. Since last 3 years every year in the month of June when schools are just going to begin we distribute school bags along with notebooks and compass box with essential equipments. And most importantly not around Ahmedabad but far away and to the people really in need who don’t even have clothes to wear on their body.




Photography for Kindness – Finalist # 3

 Education for Girls.
Education for Girls.


Photo Artist Name: Dhyan Trivedi
Title of the Photo: Education for Girls.
Place of the Photo: Rampura

Photo Story: One fine morning I decided to go to Rampura Village Near gandhinagar. Actually i want to cover some typical village pictures.When I enter in the village i was very happy that i will defiantly get some good pictures. Some on in the village told me there is school also where Vanshree Trust Gandhinagar regularly giving their service to educate the children of the village.When i enter in the school there was lunch time and all children was playing here and there. But this one girl called “Sejal” is very busy in writing in her slate so i asked her why you are not playing she told me “Rami to hu pachi pan shakish pan bhani hu amna j shakih”. People who really want to study they don’t have proper facility and people who is not studying at all they have all the facility.

Photography Judge: Mr.Vinay Panjwani (https://www.clicksnbeyond.com/about.htm)
ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KINDNESS COMPETITION: Photography for kindness is an initiative to inspire the youth to become kinder by inspiring the life of disadvantaged youth with their photography skills and talent. Be an Inspiration!

Photography for Kindness in association with ” Garden Palace Heritage Hotel, Home stay and Luxury Camping” is pleasure to award.

1st Winner : A Royal stay at Garden Palace Heritage Hotel, Balasinor along with visit to Dinosaur Fossil Park, and meeting with Her Highness Princess of Balasinor.
2nd Winner: A Royal stay at Garden Palace Heritage Hotel, Balasinor along with visit to Dinosaur Fossil Park, and meeting with Her Highness Princess of Balasinor.
(Prizes worth 15,000 Rs)


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