Satyamev Jayate : Season 2 | FULL Episode # 2 | Police

Satyamev Jayate : Season 2 | FULL Episode # 2 | Police

Though the police are meant to serve the people, they are seen as objects of fear, sometimes even hatred. But instead of vilifying them, we look at the problem: the lack of police reforms.

Members of the public are hereby notified that false and malicious messages are circulating through various electronic media including What’s App, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks alleging that donations are being sought in the television program Satyamev Jayate Season 2, by Mr. Aamir Khan in relation to an entity by the name of Humanity Trust which is claimed to be working in the field of Masjid Construction Assistance and placement assistance for Islamic youngsters. This is entirely false. It is clarified that Satyamev Jayate, in Season 1 was associated with Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal which is a charitable hospital run by Dr. Ajoy Mistry and his mother Subhashini Mistry. Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal is doing excellent work in the field of health care and provides free medical facilities to the poor, more information can be found on their website www.humanityhospital.org and our website https://www.satyamevjayate.in/every-life-is-precious/humanity-trust.aspx. Please note that Humanity Trust, Hanspukur has nothing to do with Humanity Trust referred to in the malicious messages. It is further clarified that all donations sought in Satyamev Jayate are used and channelized for entirely deserving and secular causes (and those which are disclosed in the episode(s) of the show itself), contrary to the content of the highly mischievous/malicious insinuations in the messages, being circulated by vested and unscrupulous interest. These malicious messages are entirely false, wrong and baseless. It is categorically denied that Satyamev Jayate has anything to do with Humanity Trust as stated in the malicious messages or has called for donations in the name of the said entity. We urge the members of the public to disregard the said message. For more information on all NGOs featured on the show, please visit our website www.satyamevjayate.in

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Aamir Khan
Directed by:
Satyajit Bhatkal
Produced by:
Kiran Rao
Aamir Khan
Standard YouTube License

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