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Seniors Citizens Council, Gandhinagar, was constituted by a group of elderly citizens of this Capital city of Gujarat, with the view to striving for its all-round and multi direction development. The Organization was formally registered as a public trust on February 17th 1993 under Registration No: F/238 with the Charity Commissioner, Gujarat state.
Since the day of its inception, a large number of intellectuals including retired Government Officers, Engineers, Doctors, Academicians, leading Businessmen, Professionals and Social Workers have joined the Council and provided their valuable support and inputs towards selfless service of the society. The Council’s central aim to extend benefits to the poor and deprived classes of the society is accomplished by conducting various activities like medical aid, help in education etc. The Senior Citizens Council also involves it into creating social awareness on various issue’s society is facing today; it also mobilizes help and rehabilitation facilities in case of natural or man-made calamities. The Council also encourages and appreciates people doing exemplary work in their respective fields.


Aims and Objectives of the Council:

Imbibing the motto of “Truth-Benevolence-Beauty”, the Council has identified the following aims and objectives to be implemented with the principle of “enjoying through sacrifice” for self-fulfillment:

  •  To promote healthy and all round development of Gandhinagar, to protect and enhance its cultural beauty and carry activities for benefits of citizens.
  •  Arrange and encourage medical camps and provide various other medical facilities.
  •  Provide infrastructure and financial help encourage education in all levels.
  •  Provide monetary or material help to the poor and deprived.
  •  Involving the Government and Citizen’s constructively towards providing suggestions and solutions on various problems.
  •  Arrange lectures, work-shops, seminars etc. to inculcate civic sense and awareness among citizens.
  •  To establish well planned institution like “My Home” for the old respecting their isolation, helplessness and to provide a place to live with grace and honor.
  •  Arrange Excursions and tours for members keeping in mind physical, financial and beliefs of the members.
  •  Helping, managing, and acquiring similar institutions with same aim and objectives, also to become member of federations in state and national levels.
  •  Publish literature, periodicals, newsletters etc. and propagate the aims and objective of the trust.
  •  Set up appropriate funds and arrange events to felicitate institution or individual doing exemplary work in their respective fields thus encouraging the citizens of the city.
  •  Arrange functions to felicitate senior old members and other citizens periodically.
  •  Extend financial and other help for people affected in calamities or disasters at state and national levels.
  •  To plan toward the fulfillment of aims and objectives of the Trust, by approaching the Government, Public Institutions, Trusts and Individuals etc. and utilizing these funds transparently.
  •  In all to implement, encourage and promote activities helping in all round development of the city and citizens.

Constitution of the Council:
Formation of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee of the council is done regularly at intervals of 2 years. Members are included in the Council without any discrimination of religion, sex, language, caste or financial status. The minimum age limit is 50 years. For details on enrolling for membership please contact:
The financial accounts of the Council are audited regularly. All contributions and donations to the council are exempted of tax under Income Tax Act (1961). The annual General Body Meeting of the council discusses and passes the budget for every year, the entire administration is conducted transparently.

All activities of the Council are conducted in accordance to the aims and objectives of the Council. The activities (excluding issues of regional and national interest) are restricted to Gandhinagar district; all activities are carried out through physical involvement of dedicated individuals and financed solely by its members and other well-wishers without any assistance or grants from the State Government. Below mentioned are our principle activities:

  •  Social Aid
  •  Health
  •  Educational
  •  Civic Issues
  •  Cultural
  •  Spiritual
  •  Miscellaneous
  •  Women’s Welfare
  •  National
  •  Kharod Medical Fund
  •  Mobile Dispensary
  •  Ambulance Service (Contact: 9824680271 or 079 23249590)
  •  Benches in Primary Schools
  •  Shelter for Anganwadis
  •  Food Ration for Identified Families in Distress
  •  Help to the Handicapped and Differently Abled
  •  Help during Natural Calamities
  •  Federation of Senior Citizens Councils
  •  Activities for the members of the Council

Councils Mode of Working:
The Council operates through a rented office, members meet thrice a week to access the administration of various activities, a monthly general meeting is conducted to update all members’ activities of the Council. The Council Women’s Wing also meets regularly to discuss planning and implementation activities in regards to women and child welfare.
A newsletter is brought forward every month giving report of the past months activities and informing the schedule of activities to be covered the coming month, the newsletter also contains thought articles of social and intellectual importance, it also includes excerpts which show the Council’s Motto “Trusteeship and fulfillment through sacrifice”.
The Council annual turnover is expected to touch 15 lac INR from 10 to 12 Lac INR with recent expansion activities, this development is credited to selfless attitude and missionary zeal to serve the society of its members, the relentless attitude to serve the society has earned recognition to the council of being a dependable, honest, faithful, prudent and philanthropic non-governmental organization of the capital. The Council expects and invites generous help and contributions from kind donors and well-wishers.

All contributions and donations to the council are exempted of tax under Income Tax Act (1961).

Note: The above information is provided by Senior Citizens Council. Gandhinagar.

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