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Gandhinagar Portal is having all the types of business, Service Providers and Retailers. We are taking a step ahead for sharing information where we can provide you more information and knowledge which will help all our users in deciding what to go for. For example ” A person planning to go for a mobile phone, but confused what to go for, he can read this blogs and decide accordingly, You will get all the technology updates, New Product updates which will be done by our registered users and vendors. This will be helpful to all our online users to go through the provided information/knowledge and can decide accordingly before buying the product.

We have worked hard and managed that our registered vendors can provide more information, not only about their firms/organizations/shops but also some brief descriptions over the products categories and upcoming latest technologies so that the users can have the best devices/products with them. Starting with some points like Computers/Laptops, Softwares, Mobile Phones, Technology Updates etc.

Even though if we start this we will ask all our online users to comment and share their ideas/thoughts/requirements so that we Gandhinagar Portal can provide them more specific updates which can be useful to them in lots of ways.

Looking forward for participation of all registered users.




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