Indroda Park Gandhinagar
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Indroda Park Gandhinagar

Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park is a precious treasure spread over an area of about 400 hectares on either bank of Sabarmati river in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. It is considered to be the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. Regarded as India’s Jurrasic Park, it is run by the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation (GEER), and is the only dinosaur museum in the country. The park consists of a zoo, massive skeletons of sea mammals like the blue whale, as well as a vast botanical garden, amphitheatre, interpretation center and camping facilities. It also has a Wilderness Park which is home to innumerable species of birds, reptiles, hundreds ofnilgais, langurs and peafowls in its vast forest. Visit Indroda Park Gandhinagar.

One of the biggest attraction is Dinosour and Fossil Park at Indroda Park Gandhnagar, which has Live-sized Models of Different Dinosours.

The Indroda Nature Park is open for public from Tuesday to Sunday, 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs.

Entry Fees of Indroda Park Gandhinagar

Entry Fees for Visitors

1 Up to 5 Years Free
2 5 – 12 Years 10.00
3 Above 12 years 20.00
4 Students from Schools / Colleges / Teachers [Institution Group Programme] 5.00
5 Physically disabled  Free
6 Institutional / General / Members of GEER Foundation Free

Entry Fees for Vehicles [Up to Parking Place]

1 Two Wheeler- Scooter / Bike / Moped etc.  per vehicle 10.00
2 Light M.Vs [Car etc.] per vehicle 20.00
3 Heavy Vehicle- Luxury Bus, Truck etc. (from schools / colleges etc.) 60.00
4 Heavy Vehicle- Luxury Bus, Truck etc. – Private 80.00

Entry Fees for Film shooting

1 First Four Hours per Day 4000.00
2 More than four Hours per Day 8000.00


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