Buttermilk Distribution Event at Gandhinagar Bus Depot

In This Scorching heat, to quench thirst of passenger of Gandhinagar Depo, Yuva Unstoppable Gandhinagar Team is organising Buttermilk Distributing event on 2nd June 2012 during 15:00 to 17:30.

Yuva-ite has organised this event last year and this activity received huge response. This Activity took a next level when we decided to continue this tradition by distributing this year with distribution of ”CHHAS’ (buttermilk).



Volunteers: Mehul Barot, Dhara Bhatt, Siddhi Gohel, Smit Bhagat, Jay Patel, Agniv AD, Harsh, Mehul Manoharam, Yash, Bhavesh, Darshan, Siddharth, Positive Rishikumar & Team.